Wind Damage Assessment

Wind Damage Assessment

Wind Damage Analysis by Professionals

Wind events can be devastating and often occur quickly. Our experts at New Rome Enterprises are available at a moment’s notice to assist with the assessment, and investigation of damage due to wind. We are also available to assist with claims expertise and all forms of damage assessment and analysis.

New Rome Enterprises Can Help with Wind Damage Claims and Assessment

We stand at the ready to dispatch a team to meet your needs after damage occurs due to high wind. Our experts can provide a host of services to meet your needs. Our services include:

  • Wind vs. flood assessment
  • Wind damage repair design services
  • Structural and architectural analysis
  • Roof evaluation
  • Temporary repair and shoring design for re-entry
  • Forensic engineering reports
  • Expert witness testimony

Let New Rome Enterprises take care of the wind damage assessments and related issues with our talented team of forensic engineers.

We have experiences in all forms of terrain and weather, having completed projects from the east coast to the west coast, and internationally in Mexico and South America.