Hurricane Damage Assessment

Hurricane Damage Assessment

Post-Hurricane Damage Assessment Services

Our team of structural and architectural experts have decades of experience in assisting with evaluation and assessment after storm events such as hurricanes. Rely on the coast-to-coast domestic and international experience of New Rome Enterprises’ staff to assist you in meeting your deadlines and serving your members quickly and effectively.

We can provide many services after a hurricane including:

  • Architectural and structural investigations
  • Provide temporary shoring design safe for re-entry
  • Reports and repair drawings
  • Expert witness testimony/reports
  • Roof evaluations
  • Repair vs. Replacement Analyses

Why Choose New Rome Enterprises for Hurricane Damage Analysis

Our team of professionals have been sourced from a wide range of disciplines and are available to be dispatched whenever and wherever needed.  New Rome Enterprises prides itself on the diversity of the expertise of its staff, with experts in areas such as architectural engineering, structural engineering, construction consultants, and many more. Our cross-disciplinary team enables us to meet the various needs arise after a hurricane. Allow New Rome Enterprises’ forensic engineering and claims experts help you with your forensic needs.