Forensic Engineering and What it Can Do For You

Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering and What it Can Do For You

forensic engineering

The word “forensics” often conjures images of TV crime shows such as “Law and Order” or “CSI.” However, forensic engineering has an altogether different meaning. A specialized branch of forensics is a vital practice that applies engineering principles to determine why a structure, material or component failed or does not operate as intended, causing damage to property or personal injury.


What Is Forensic Engineering?

Forensic engineers not only analyze debris and assess the cause of the damage, but they also may interview both witnesses and those involved in the construction and planning of the structure they’re investigating in order to fully determine the facts surrounding an accident or damage.  Forensic engineering specialists may also offer testimony and third-party expertise.  Forensic engineers use engineering, analysis, and investigative expertise to determine what happened and find what or who was at fault. These specialists can accurately and efficiently investigate, document, and analyze the damage

The forensic engineer has two aspects to his or her role: the detective component and the engineering component.  The detective aspect involves looking for clues and collecting evidence at the site of the damage to determine what occurred.  The engineering component calls on the forensic engineering specialist to utilize engineering principals to investigate and interpret those clues and the evidence using engineering principles. Professional Forensic Engineering Firm Services

Forensic engineering specialists can offer a variety of services to adjusters, attorneys, homeowners, and others.  When seeking to hire a firm to investigate or analyze damage, look for a team like New Rome Enterprises which offers experts in a multitude of fields including structural design, forensic analysis, claims, code review, due diligence, third-party review, and more.  Forensic engineering services can interpret the clues left behind after an accident or catastrophic event to mitigate losses and provide answers.  Additional services provided include:

-Repair vs. Replacement Analysis

-Claim Coding Assistance

-Roof Evaluations

-Reports and Repair Drawings

-Structural and Architectural Integrity Analysis

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  • November 23, 2017
  • Posted by Bryan Evege

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