Our Services

New Rome Enterprises can supply an array of services to meet the needs of any building design, analysis or repair project. We make sure each project is followed through to completion of construction or claim within schedule and budget.

  • Design

    New Rome Enterprises has experience in all aspect of building design. We have the breadth of experience to provide full-scale design services.

  • 3rd Party Review

    All design and construction projects can benefit from a third party the works with the designers to identify problems before they manifest.

  • Code Consulting

    Navigating the complexity of today’s codes as well as jurisdictional amendments can be a challenge in new or repair design.


  • Jurisdictional Compliance-Submittals

    Are you having, or have you had in the past, trouble getting past code official review of your project?

  • Due Diligence

    New Rome can assist lenders, owners and investors on due diligence matters related to structures.

  • Forensic

    If you have a project that has claims, expert or forensic evaluation needs, New Rome Enterprises can help.