Flood Damage Assessment

Flood Damage Assessment

Flood Damage Costs

Experts estimate that a hurricane such as Hurricane Harvey that struck Houston in 2017 would be only $5 billion dollars in damage absent rising water. However, the flooding caused the cost of damage to balloon to what some think might be well over $30 billion dollars (Source: Harvey Storm Damage Estimates, CNN Money). For comparison, Tropical Storm Allison, which occurred in the same area in 2001, caused $12 billion in flood damage. The devastation caused by the flooding that occurs with the natural disasters have increased the need for damage analysis, structural and architectural assessments, claims assistance, and more.

Flood Damage Analysis and Assessment Services

New Rome Enterprises has assembled a group of experts to provide the services required after flooding occurs. Our team of professionals can mobilize quickly to assist with all your forensic engineering needs including:

  • Flood damage assessments, reports
  • Structural investigations
  • Repair vs. replacement evaluations
  • Code upgrade vs repair evaluation and other claim services

Choose New Rome Enterprises for Your Flood Damage Assessment Needs

Our company is staffed by professionals across a variety of disciplines, experts in forensic claims, cost estimators, construction consultants, structural engineering and architectural experts, and more. We are ready to move assess catastrophic flooding and begin meeting your forensic engineering needs. Having staffed natural events from the East Coast to the West Coast as well as internationally, New Rome Enterprises is widely experienced. When flood damage occurs, time is of the essence. We can step in to help with all your forensic engineering requirements during the crisis. From damage assessment to claim services, the professionals at New Rome Enterprises is your source for evaluations in a flood event of any scope or size.