Fire Damage Assessment

Wildfire Damage Analysis

According to officials, the 2017 wildfires in northern California encompass 17 large fires that have burned more than 245,000 acres (345 square miles). At least 5,700 structures have been destroyed as of October 17, 2017. Estimating the costs of the disaster and analysis of the damage will begin in earnest once the humanitarian crisis is under control. (Source: Deadly Wildfires in Northern California Continue to Cause Damage, KQED News and Fire Summary, 10/17/2017, Sierra Sun Times) Insurance companies and other organizations will require an increase in staffing to meet the needs of this devastated area. Rebuilding costs from the 2017 California wildfires alone are expected to surpass $65 billion. (Source: Sonoma, Napa wildfires threaten $65 billion in residential property, says analytics firm, Curbed San Francisco)

Fire Damage Assessment Services

New Rome Enterprises can dispatch a team of experts to assist with a wide range of damage analysis services after a fire. We have assisted with fires in every type of terrain and can provide professionals from diverse fields such as forensic engineering specialists, claim experts, restoration and repair teams, construction professionals, fire damage experts, and more. New Rome Enterprises is prepared to assist with forensic engineering services after fires of any scope and size-from single-family homes to industrial complexes.

How New Rome Enterprises Can Assist After a Fire

  • Evaluate the nature, extent, and cause of a fire
  • Damage assessment and analysis
  • Reports and documentation services
  • Expert testimony services
  • Claim assistance
  • Structural integrity assessment
  • Reconstruction services
  • Cost analyses
  • Claim code review
  • Third-party review

Why Choose New Rome Enterprises for Fire Damage Assessment

Taking a structured approach to damage assessment after a fire reduces costs and rebuilding time. (Source: Fire Damage Assessment Cuts Reconstruction Cost, Plant Downtime, Oil and Gas Journal) The specialists from New Rome have extensive experience with damage from fire to all types of structures-from agricultural and rural to suburban and industrial.