Hurricane Irma

Six days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the Texas Gulf Coast, tropical storm Irma became a major Category 3 hurricane in the eastern Atlantic sea. Irma was a historic hurricane as one of the most powerful hurricanes to form in the Atlantic Ocean. On September 5th Irma was upgraded to a Category 5 storm and made landfall in Barbuda, St. Martin the next day.

Moody’s Analytics experts project that damages from Hurricane Irma will exceed $150 billion. Insurance losses alone from Irma are projected to total over $18 billion in the US; mainly in Florida but also including damages in Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.

CNBC relates Irma to the disastrous Hurricane Katrina, highlighting the fact that the infrastructure damaged by Katrina is still being rebuilt today. The devastation of these storms is difficult to understand, which is why the relief and rebuild efforts are so vitally important to the redevelopment of the area.

At New Rome, we specialize in analysis of damages caused by hurricanes, storms, tornados, earthquakes, and others.

Our services include:
3rd Party Review
Code Consulting
Jurisdictional Compliance-Submittals

Our mission is to aid in the successful settlement and repair of claims arising from these tragic storms. With decades of business operations in the field of forensic engineering, New Rome can help settle and rebuild after such events.